Technology - Cerec

CEREC is the latest in OmniCam AC technology. It allows us to make beautiful, long lasting porcelain restorations in a single visit. Dr. Hay was the first to perform full, one-appointment CEREC crowns in Western Kentucky!

The CERAC allows the dentist to create a ceramic tooth restoration chairside, using optical impression of the damaged tooth. The crown or partial crown is manufactured in our office using OmniCam AC technology in about 20 minutes. This eliminates the need for the patient to come back for a second visit, requires no impression paste in your mouth, and no temporary crown is needed. The milled restoration is extremely precise, very durable, and made with tooth-colored material that is as close to natural human enamel yet available. In addition, the procedure allows us to treat patients more conservatively, as modern bonding techniques allow more healthy tooth structure to be saved.