Dear Dr. Hay and Staff,
I just wanted to write about how much my life has changed since I started seeing you. I had TMJ so bad, that you could see the pain in my face and hear it in my voice. My jaw has locked for weeks before… my neck has locked… I had an ugly stint in my mouth, that lined my teeth up, only to hit each other and grind them half way to the gum… and so I struggled to even talk. This went on for 6 years!! I tried to manage it by seeing numerous doctors and dentists and nothing helped. I was so desperate. And then I found you on the internet and Pam promised me that you could help me. I was doubtful, but I was in SO MUCH PAIN, that I had to chance it.

Within a couple visits of seeing you, I feel SO MUCH BETTER!! Pam was right!!! My JAW DOESN'T HURT ANYMORE!! And my teeth look beautiful!! I talk normal!!! And all-in-all, I feel better!! I can put in a full day of work, without desperately waiting for the day to end so I can go home, and put my ugly stint in. I love art and gardening, and have picked those hobbies up again because I feel so good!! It had made a big difference outwardly also… people are coming up to me and complimenting me on my teeth, and telling me they have TMJ also. I don't know f they're serious, but if they do or if they don't - I tell everyone they need to come and see YOU - Dr. Hay!!!

I am SO THANKFUL that listened to Pam and started seeing you!!!

Thanks for helping me get my life back!!

Michelle Sellers

I consider myself very fortunate to have found Dr. Hay's dental practice when I retired and moved to Gilbertsville. I experienced several years of pain before Dr. Hay's treatment. My jaw and ear pain began with an air plane flight when I had a sinus infection and could not clear the pressure from my eustachian tube. After a tube was inserted in my ear, I continued to feel the sensation of pressure and jaw pain. Over a period of several years, I saw five different doctors and dentists, three of whom were TMJ specialists. I was also treated by two physical therapists and a chiropractor. One of hte doctors treated me with a bio feedback device that resulted in some relief, but hte device was very inconvenient to use.

When I moved to Gilbertsville, I was reduced to eating mostly soft food. I told Dr. Hay of my jaw and ear problem and the pain I was experiencing. Dr. Hay told me he could treat me by repositioning my jaw and I could eat steak again. I must admit I did not think I could ever eat steak again.

Dr. Hay relaxed my jaw by TENS, made an impression of my teeth, and put caps on several teeth to keep my jaw in the correct position. The relief was instant. Since the treatment, I eat steak and any other food with now jaw or ear pain. The relief from the pain has been wonderful. I appreciate the time and effort Dr. Hay has devoted to the advanced study of TMJ and related jaw problems

Joan Arnold

Dr. William E. Hay and Staff,

What started out as a broken tooth, has led to a upper and lower parcel which I have tried to get for some time. I travel in my line of work and it is very difficult in finding enough time to have these services completed. During this time you provided me the parcels and gave me a before and after picture of what my smile would look like with Lumineers. I was so amazed at the difference that I just had to have them not only for the smile but to strengthen and repair my worn teeth.

I was speechless when Dr. Hay told me that he could provide them for me before I left Paducah for my upcoming job in New Mexico. I was very excited and told Dr. Hay let's do it! I now have a beautiful and very durable smile. I am so thankful to Dr. Hay and his staff for the long hours they stayed over and coming in on their day off in order to make this all possible for me. I will tell all that this wonderful smile came from Dr. Hay and his great staff in Paducah, Kentucky!

Best of wishes to you and your staff Dr. Hay.

Edwin Long - Cillicothe, Ohio

Before Lumineers, my smile was not as full or as white as I wanted. I did not like to smile in photographs because you could see the spaces in my teeth. With the help of Doctor Hay, my new smile looks great!

Will Neely

To Whom It Concerns:

It is my pleasure to endorse the treatment alternative for sleep apnea provided by Dr. William Hay, the dentist here in Paducah, Kentucky.

Even though we feel the gold standard of treatment of obstructive sleep apnea is SPAP or BI-PAP treatment, we also know that there are a significant number of people who cannot tolerate or will not use SPAP for many reasons.

We have been witness to the fact that Dr. Hay's work has made a difference in several people that have come through our laboratory.

The science behind Dr. Hay's treatment is sound and it involves trying to advance the mandible forward to provide an increase in the upper airway dimension and thereby help the sleep apnea process.

There was recently a patiet who came through our lab that was not able to tolerate CPAP and we adjusted the dental device that Dr. Hay had povided this lady and her apnea improved dramatically as did her snoring.

We appreciate Dr. Hay's efforts and his work to give us a more comprehensive and alternative treatment of a very complicated condition, obstructive sleep apnea.


James A. Metcalf, MD

I was one of those people who couldn't tolerate the C-PAP. My nights were progressively getting worse due to my snoring, snorting, and catching my breath. I had become a total wreck until I made up my mind to call Dr. Hay.

I called and asked for a consultation. He and his staff treated me royally from the moment I met them. My first consultation was a question and answer meeting with Dr. Hay. When I left I was very apprehensive on whether I could wear a sleep appliance in my mouth.  After a week of pondering, I called for the actual fitting. I was determined at that time to take the leap.

The cost was high but my insurance assured me that a part of it would be reimbursed. The rest would be my reward if the apparatus worked.

After I was fitted, I had to wait two weeks to get it.  I was anxious and nervous about the whole ordeal.  On June 24th, our anniversary, I received my Herbst sleep appliance.  The results were immediate. Ever day I feel better and better.  I am sleeping again and not disturbing my husband.  My snoring is to a minimum and my snorting has ceased. I have also noticed that I am not batching my breath as I had been doing.

The result of my 3rd sleep study was amazing.  The attendant, as well as the doctor, was surprised at my sleep study.  They had not seen any other sleep study and better.  The appliance is also aligning my jaws and relieving my TMJ.  I know that this experience has been the answer for me.  Thank you, Dr. Hay and staff for giving me relief from my sleep apnea.

Mary Faith Winn

After being diagnosed as having mild sleep apnea, I tried using the CPAP machine and could not tolerate it. Recently I began using a dental appliance which is working very well for me and my husband. He is not being awakened by the snoring, and I am getting more sleep.

There has been virtually no adjustment in using the appliance and only minimal adjustments made to the appliance itself.

Needless to say, I am very pleased!

Carol Johnson

Dear Dr. Hay,

Thank you so much for introducing me to a new way of living. My snoring had taken control of my sleep to the point that I dreaded trying to go to sleep. After three years of trying to wear a C-pap unsuccessfully. I finally get the sleep and rest that my body needs. I truly look at my mouth piece as a part of me and wouldn't think of laying my head on a pillow without it. It was the best thing that I have done for myself and my husband. No more embarrasing nights of being woke up because he couldn't sleep.

Thank you so much!

Kathie McGrady

Dear Dr. Hay,

I just wanted you to know that you have given me so much confidence with having my smile back. I was given a new lease on life and with everything in me I try to project happiness and never take life for granted in anyway, anymore. But sometimes that never showed because I wouldn't smile. I just want you and all your staff to know that I haven't stopped smiling since I left your office! I know you never thought my teeth were really bad but to me they were so awful and I'd look myself in the mirror and hate what I'd done to myself. I hadn't smiled in 3 years and thought I'd forgotten how to. But you have changed my all that for me and I'll forever be grateful for you. I speak on the dangers of meth all the time on the news, newspapers, and schools, and now I tell how God sent me an angel to give me a smile again. I just want you to know you've become part of my story I'll never forget. There aren't many people like you left in this world and I'm honored to have been the one to meet you! Thank you so, so, so much. I'll never forget you! I'll forever be grateful to you and all your staff. Forever! May God bless each and all of you as he has truly blessed me!

Thank you so much again and God bless! keep me in your prayers as I will you!


Melisa Mills

Dr. Bill Hay and Staff,

Thank you for a smile that I never mind opening my mouth to show! It's never too late to make improvements, and after all these years. I no longer have prominent pointed "edge teeth" and irregular front teeth. The two veneers applied to my laterals and the reshaping of my canines have made a huge difference to my smile. I am extremely satisfied. :)

Peg S. Riley

Dr. Hay and Staff,

I would like to thank all of you for the great friendly and caring service you all extended toward me with my decision to get dentures. Thank you all for making this a pleasant and benificial experience for myself. We all have new smiles, which is priceless.


Allen Hobbs

Dear Dr. Hay and Staff,

I was a patient of yours on February 22, 2007. I wanted to compliment you and your staff for the excellent service and professionalism that I received during my visit.

I was met by your receptionist, who shook my hand and made me feel welcome, the same with your dental hygienest, and yourself.

I can't remember being treated like that by any doctor or dentist anywhere.

Your staff did an excellent job, thanks once again.


Robert D. Taylor

"Dr. Hay and staff,

I can never say "Thank You" enough to you and your staff, for everything that has been done for me.

Since early childhood, I have had a fear of dentists, due to my horrifying experiences. These fears ended when I walked into Dr. Hay's office.

Because of my fears, I avoided dentists for many years and my gums and teeth suffered. I became very self-conscious of my teeth, and I would smile without showing my teeth.

From the moment I walked into Dr. Hay's office, until I left, I was treated as though I were, "Queen For The Day". The smiles and friendliness of the staff were unbelievable. I'm sure they could see "Fear" written all over my face!

The big "Fear Factor" came when I actually sat down in that dreaded "dental chair". WOW!!! What was going on? A hot neck roll was placed behind my neck, a warm blanket was draped over me, and then the chair started vibrating. Amazingly, my tension was gone.

During the next few months, I had my front upper eight teeth redone. I spent many hours in that "dental chair". I can honestly say that I never hurt. Between the nitrous oxide, pain injections, warm neck rolls and blankets, as well as the vibrating chair, I dozed off and on while all this work was being done. Dr. Hay was so gentle and very concerned that I would not feel any pain. Dr. Hay is a perfectionists and with my teeth that is exactly what I wanted!

I am so pleased with the results of my teeth. I have had numerous compliments. Thanks to Dr. Hay, I can smile all the time, and show my beautiful teeth! I still look in the mirror to see how fantastic they look! I am recommending Dr. Hay to all my family and friends.

As far as I am concerned, Dr. Hay is the best dentist in the world. My dental insurance does not have Dr. Hay in it's network, but I choose to pay, in order to have Dr. Hay as my dentist.

Upon leaving, I really appreciated the hot delicious cookies and coffee. This is truly anawesome place! Also, I appreciated Dr. Hay calling me at home to check to see if there were any problems.

Dr. Hay, thank you so very much for giving me back my smile!


Phyllis Walker

"I want to express my thanks to your staff and you for your excellent care during my visits with you. I am very pleased with the results of the dental work you so diligently performed on me! Your work is exquisite! Because of your efforts and you, I can now smile and have a happier life.

I am so blessed to know you, as my dentist."

Janet L. Seaford

"P.S. May God's grace, wisdom, and strength continue to be with you! I pray that He will grant you His best and brightest blessings!"

"I would like to take this time to express my sincere thanks for the dental work that my husband Ray and I received at your office in the past few months. Not only are we extremely satisfied with the professional results that we received, but the kind and friendly atmosphere that your office staff provided to us was very much appreciated. All of your staff, including yourself, put extra effort forth to make us comfortable and pain free during each procedure. We thank you for being a perfectionist in your work and that is why we have a great smile today!"

Ray and Sue Murphy

"Dr. Hay is not only my Dentist; he is also my friend. I was Dr. Hay's first patient. I was new in this area and I needed a dentist. Dr. Hay was just getting started and was moving into his new office. Although his office wasn't ready, I went to see him anyway. I sat in an office chair and after a quick examination he was able to advise me what to and made me an appointment that day. That was 14 years ago!"

"All I can think of now when I go in is 'YOU'VE COME A LONG WAY BABY'. The waiting room offers flavored teas and coffee. The dentist chair is a lay-back lounge with a massage cushion. The dental assistant offers me gas to relieve the anxiety and help me relax. She says, 'Would you like a warm buckwheat neck ring?' I reply 'ABSOLUTELY! I want all the perks.' Why not, it doesn't cost any more. Then, to top it off, I'm offered a warm cookie as I leave. I've heard that some places offer foot massages while you're having your teeth cleaned. How about it, Dr. Hay?"

"But, most importantly, I have been so pleased with his dental care. Having attractive teeth is important to me and Dr. hay has played an important part in that happening. Thanks Dr. Hay!"

Barbara Mobley

"Just a note to say how wonderful Dr. Hay and his staff were to me. They really go the 'extra mile' to please their patients! I have been to a number of dentists over the years, but never have I found one so willing and accommodating as 'Doc' and his staff. I heartily recommend Dr. Hay to all of my friends and relatives. He is a perfectionist with his work and maintains a level of service that is unsurpassed by none! Thanks so much."

Peggy Wyatt

"My husband and I have been clients at the office of Dr. Hay and his staff since they opened their current office. The staff is very friendly and they make everyone who comes in feel at ease. Our relationship has been very positive and we are proud to say that THE BEST in Western Kentucky takes care of our teeth!."

John & Nettye Suchy

"I really enjoy the extra comforts provided - massager, neck warmer, etc. The staff is very nice and helpful. I appreciate everything you do!."

Kevin Fisk


"I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for all the help you have given me. before I started visiting your office I had an extreme fear of dentists and dental procedures. It could be said that it went back to childhood experiences for 50 years. I couldn't shake it... but you and your staff have done wonders to change that. At your office I feel that everyone shares concern over the patients and their comfort. It's the little things that make the difference, from your personal phone calls in the evenings after treatment to the friendly smiles of your office personnel. Thank you for showing me another side of the dental profession!"

Richard Hastings

"Thank you all so much for the gorgeous Azalea!! Thank you even more for thinking of us and showing how much you care! We're amazed at how much you spoil your patients... from cookies to massaging chairs to baby gifts. Thanks for being such a great dentist and caring staff.

John, Jessica, & Tessa Whittaker


"Dr. Hay is wonderful! My son Patrick had an accident and lost a permanent tooth. We visited several other dentists, but they did not show concern about the appearance of Patrick's tooth. Patrick became so self-concious of the tooth that he began to stay in the house and avoided playing with friends. Then we found Dr. Hay! He made a new 'partial' for Patrick and nobody can tell that it's not his real tooth. Thanks again Dr. Hay... we love you!"

Pam Thomas

"We are extremely privileged and excited about working with Dr. hay on obtaining great oral health and aesthetics for you. He has years of extensive postgraduate training and education on cosmetic and functional restorative dentistry. The patients who come to us from his office have experienced some of the finest dental care in our area. He is truly on the cutting edge of dental technology and has one of the most advanced offices in our area."

"We look forward to hearing from you and want you to know that with your help we will strive to give you the best orthodontic result that we possibly can."

Dr. Brad Mills & Staff

"I've been thinking about how far I've come (how much work I've had done) in my dental care. When we began you were a one-chair, one-helper office. Now you've got many chairs, lots of staff, and a LUXURIOUS office. I know have several crowns, some root canals, whiter teeth and healthier gums that are no longer sensitive. I've got all of that without really 'knowing it', sleeping away in one of your back massaging chairs. You have worked hard to make everything perfect with your 'must be just right' care, using the latest equipment, a trained and friendly staff, and warm cookies to take home! However, the thing that I most appreciate is your phone calls to my house on the day I've had something 'big' done at the office... just to see if I'm doing okay. Thanks Doc, I appreciate you and your thoughtfulness. Keep up the good work!

Dee Sutherland

"I had not gone to a dentist for years because of fear. When I began going to Dr. Hay, I was immediately made to feel at ease. Everyone that works for him goes out of their way to make you comfortable. I would hate to think about going anywhere else."

Tony Tosh


"I have been very satisfied with the work on my teeth in this office. My lower teeth were very worn. Dr. Hay recommended certain kind of fillings with which I am very happy. My upper partial fits very well. The staff is friendly and knowledgeable. I give them an A+."

Sue J.


"My first visit was because of an accident. My son's dog jumped and hit me in the mouth with his head and chipped both top front teeth. I was frantic! I live out of town and didn't know a dentist in this area. I got the phone book out and called Dr. Hay's office and was told to come right in. He repaired my teeth to better condition that they were in before the accident, and over the past year he has gradually fixed all the other cavities and replaced several crowns and a bridge. Some had been there for over 20 years. So looking back my accident turned out to be my lucky day. I have found a dentist and his staff that are very competent and friendly and I feel very comfortable on each visit."

Judy McDowell

"Dr. Hay has been a freind and colleague for several years. Hes is a good representative of the dental profession and provides quality care to his patients. His community enthusiasm would make for success in any venue."

B. Tory Heine, D.M.D.
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Paducah, KY

"In my consulting of over 1000 dental practices, I am very impressed with the efficiency and utilization of high tech equipment in Dr. Bill Hay's practice. Dr. Hay's advance learning has enabled him to be one of the best dentists in the area. I would highly recommend Dr. Hay for consultation and treatment. If I lived in the area, he would be my dentist."

Bill Blatchford, DDS
Blatchford Solutions
Sunriver, OR

"I am taking the writing of this letter as my opportunity to express to you, Dr. Hay and staff, a "BIG THANKS" to all of you for the wonderful freindly professional service you have given to me this past year. You all really knew how to treat a 76 year old by giving to me a secured feeling under your professional expertise."

"I have made new friends in a very friendly atmosphere. I assure you that my comfort while under treatment will be passed on to others."

"I will be seeing you in the future."

Jane Ware

"I would just like to thank you all for the wonderful and warm welcome you have given me as a new patient. In the past I have had a very bad experience with my former visits and care taker of my smile. I was very frightened to continue the care of my teeth on a regular scheduled basis due to the fact that each visit was very painful and uncomfortable. In the past three years I have been in bad health and in results to medication and three surgery procedures, my teeth have become very soft and brittle. I refused to go see a dentist until I could no longer tolerate the pain. At this stage of infection most of the time I was told the tooth could not be saved. An extraction was performed each time and I at this date have lost several teeth, due to not having the proper care."

"Once again I was in need of a dentist and was lost! A friend had told me about you and your staff and I decided to call the office and made an appointment with one of your staff members. On the day I arrived for my appointment I still had a very sick feeling and very fearful of what was to come from this visit. But as I entered the office you and your staff made me feel very at home and very special. I was able to relax more and more as you were working on fixing a smile that I thought was broken forever. I am now looking forward to my future visits with you and your staff for further services. Again thank you everyone for helping me to overcome my fears and taking time to discuss all my options to making my smile the best that it can be."

Kimberly Schultz