Enter to Win

Every time a new patient 
comes in from your referral, 
you will be entered into the drawing!

Check back at the end of each month for the winners.

OCTOBER 2016's $250 Drawing Winner: 
Coming Soon!

April 2017's Winner: Linda Prevelant
December 2016's Winner: Wendy Rodriquez
November 2016's Winner: Cheryl Cummins
OCTOBER 2016's Winner: TIM EAST
SEPTEMBER 2016's Winner: Amy Barrett
August 2016's Winner: Connie Sparks
July 2016's Winner: Lauren Cronch
June 2016's Winner: Lanesha Board
MAY 2016's Winner: Mike Smith
APRIL 2016's Winner: Charles Dempsey
MARCH 2016's Winner: Dolly Tucker
February 2016's Winner: Amanda Polete
January 2016's Winner: Stevie Bressler
December 2015's Winner: Laurel VanHorne
November 2015's Winner: Jennifer Gourieux
October 2015's Winner: Carly Sikes
September 2015's Winner: Dee Sutherland
August 2015's Winner: Jill Slayden
July 2015's Winner: Melissa Perkins
June 2015's Winner: Melva Davis
May 2015's Winner: Kristy Sowers
April 2015's Winner: Kristy McClure
March 2015's Winner: Donna Racey
February 2015's Winner: Dr. William Wheeler
January 2015's Winner: Dawn Spiceland
December 2014's Winner: Jennifer Etherton
November 2014's Winner: Evie Hildreth
October 2014's Winner: Alma Casey
September 2014's Winner: Glenda Russell
August 2014's Winner: Michelle Sellers