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Holiday Dental Health

5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Thanksgiving

There's much to smile about when it comes to Thanksgiving and the holiday season. It's easier to show those pearly whites if your teeth and gums are healthy. It's also easier to enjoy all the goodies and treats - in moderation, of course - that go along with Turkey Day when your teeth are healthy. Below, we offer five tips to keep your teeth healthy during Thanksgiving.

1. Watch the Sticky Foods

Pecan pie, mashed potatoes, and yams are delicious, but they're also sticky foods. The problem is such foods can affect the enamel on your teeth. Ideally, it's best to avoid such foods altogether. Realistically, most people indulge a bit. If you do treat yourself to these Thanksgiving classics, be sure to brush afterward.

2. Drink Plenty of Water

Avoid sugary drinks and opt for water on Turkey Day. Good old-fashioned H2O is beneficial for your teeth and gums because it removes any remaining food particles. It also helps loosen up plaque, contributing to an assortment of dental problems. You don't have to be too mindful of how much water you drink while enjoying the holidays. Make an effort to have a glass during meals and between if you're thirsty.

3. Try to Brush/Floss 30 Minutes After Meals

Plaque, as we mentioned above, builds up as you eat and nibble here and there. It's also what leads to cavities if you're not careful. Make an effort to brush and floss at least half an hour after eating on Thanksgiving and during the extended weekend. This is something you should do in general as well.

4. Keep Meals Fairly Reasonable (and Don't Drag Them Out)

The worst thing you can do to your teeth and gums is drag out the holiday meal all day. All you're doing here is bathing your teeth in a steady stream of sugars and food particles. Instead, have a designated meal time rather than a few smaller meals in between. Opt for healthy options if you really need to snack before the main meal. Possibilities include:

  • Yogurt, low-fat milk, and cheese
  • Plain popcorn
  • Apples, grapes, and other healthy fruits and veggies
  • Dark chocolate - in moderation

5. Schedule a Pre-Thanksgiving Dental Checkup

This is an excellent way to catch any minor issues before they turn into dental emergencies during the Thanksgiving weekend or on Turkey Day itself. We can also do a general cleaning to prepare your teeth and gums for the good things this holiday offers. Plus, you'll have a nice, bright, and healthy smile to show off in front of family members and friends.

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Another way to enjoy a healthy smile this holiday season is to visit Smile By Hay for routine cleanings. It's a painless way to get your teeth and gums in even better shape for a day when a lot of eating typically goes on. We're also here for you if you have a holiday dental emergency. Contact us today to set up an appointment.