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Holiday Dental Health

Healthy Tooth-Friendly Foods to Eat During Thanksgiving

As the Thanksgiving holiday approaches, many people dream about all the delicious food that enters the table. From turkey to pumpkin pie, there are many options that you'll likely have to choose from. However, which ones will be the most tooth-friendly to help you sustain good oral health?


Most Thanksgiving get-togethers will have a snacking area where you can munch while you wait for the main course to finish cooking. Cheese is a standard option on many snack trays and an excellent tooth-friendly choice. It doesn't matter if it's sliced, cubed, or in a spread. Cheese is naturally packed with calcium, a mineral necessary for tooth development and strength.

Assorted Nuts

Another great option on the snack table is assorted nuts. Cashews, peanuts, and walnuts all offer a few key elements to enhance your oral health. These nuts contain a high level of calcium, which is essential for bone growth. They also work to enhance the amount of saliva that your mouth makes. The more saliva you have, the more likely harmful bacteria will be washed away from the surface of your teeth.

Cranberry Sauce

One staple of most Thanksgiving meals is cranberry sauce. This delicious side can be an excellent option for oral health if made with fresh cranberries. Avoid canned sauce as it doesn't provide the same oral health benefits. Fresh cranberries offer key enzymes that actually work to disrupt various bacteria that are present in harmful plaque.


No proper Thanksgiving meal is complete without some turkey. Whether baked or fried, this tasty bird is packed with protein and phosphorus. The latter works to strengthen your teeth and mineralize them to naturally protect against cavities and tooth decay.


Apart from the ordinary Thanksgiving turkey, ham is another great option to keep your teeth healthy and shiny. Just one serving of ham will provide your body with much-needed zinc, which is responsible for aiding gumline tissue growth. When enhancing your oral health, you must consider all parts of your mouth, including your gums.

Pumpkin Pie

Yes, you can eat a slice of that delicious pumpkin pie and do so for the reason that it supports your oral health. Pumpkin pie has Vitamins A and C. These essential vitamins are the key to hardening the enamel on the exterior of your teeth and keeping it that way to protect your inner tooth components.


While wine isn't a food, it's definitely included in our must-haves for a healthy Thanksgiving dinner. Wine has various components that are responsible for reducing the acid that is found in multiple harmful bacteria that is in your mouth. In fact, it can reduce this harmful bacteria by up to 85%.

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