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Vacation Smiles

Summer Vacation Smiles: Tips for Maintaining Oral Health on the Go

Summer vacations are around the corner, and everyone is excited to go on long drives, soak up some sun, and relish in mouth-watering delicacies. But do you know that it's common for people to neglect their dental health during vacations, leading to several oral health issues? From snacking on sugary treats to compromising your daily oral care routine, there are several chances to damage your dental health when traveling. To ensure you have a healthy and happy vacation, we have gathered some tips for maintaining oral health. Read on!

Pack Your Dental Essentials

It's best to list all oral health essentials you will need during the trip, including toothbrush, floss, mouthwash, and toothpaste. Pack travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste that fit in your bag easily. You can also carry a small dental hygiene kit, including floss, toothpaste, and a toothbrush, to ensure you don't miss out on your daily routine.

Drink Plenty of Water

When traveling, staying hydrated can help prevent dry mouth and stimulate saliva flow, which has antibacterial properties. Higher saliva flow helps clean your teeth naturally, so make sure to carry a water bottle with you wherever you go.

Watch Your Snacking Habits

Snacking on unhealthy treats is a part of every vacation. Still, indulging in sugary or sticky foods all day can harm your teeth and gums. It's okay to indulge a little but remember to brush and floss your teeth after snacking and switch to healthier options like fruits, veggies, cheese, yogurt, and nuts.

Choose The Right Accommodation

Picking the right hotel can have a significant impact on your dental health. When booking your hotel, look for eco-friendly hotels committed to oral health and with excellent reviews mentioned on their website and social media platforms. These hotels usually offer a range of amenities, including travel-size oral health necessities, complimentary bottled water, and healthy snack options, making it easier to maintain your oral health.

Book A Checkup Before and After the Trip

Book a dental appointment before heading out on vacation, so any untreated dental issue can be addressed before you leave. Additionally, booking an appointment post-vacation can help identify any new problems that may have surfaced during the trip.

Traveling is exciting, but it's important to maintain your oral health during your much-needed break. Following the above tips can help keep your teeth and gums healthy and happy while you enjoy your vacation. Contact us at Smiles by Hay to book your appointment. Remember to maintain a consistent oral care routine, pack your dental essentials, stay hydrated, avoid sugary and sticky snacks, choose the right accommodation, and book a checkup. Have a safe and happy vacation!