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Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice: How Seasonal Foods Affect Your Dental Health
Indulging in pumpkin spice and other seasonal foods? Learn how to keep everything nice for your dental health this autumn at Smiles by Hay.
Spooky but Safe: Halloween Candy Survival Guide for Your Teeth
Sink your teeth into our Halloween candy survival guide! Discover how to enjoy spooky treats while keeping your dental health in check.
Why Do Toothbrushes Have Different Types of Bristles?
Find out how to choose the right toothbrush for optimal oral health. Learn more about the different types of bristles at Smiles by Hay.
Easy Ways to Take Care of Your Oral Health This Winter
During the winter, your teeth and gums may develop some sensitivity. Learn more about how you can take care of your oral health at Smiles by Hay.
5 Tips to Keep Your Teeth Healthy During Thanksgiving
Taking care of your teeth is important for your overall oral health. Here are five easy ways to keep your teeth healthy during Thanksgiving dinner.
Healthy Tooth-Friendly Foods to Eat During Thanksgiving
Keeping your teeth healthy over Thanksgiving doesn't mean you have to limit the foods you want to eat. See our list of tooth-friendly foods to eat.
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