6 Ways Full-Arch Implants Are Better Than Dentures

Yesterday was National False Teeth Day. Losing teeth is tough. You may worry about the many ways your life will change. The good news is, you now have many tooth replacement options available to you. Attaching replacement teeth to dental implants eliminates the downsides of traditional removable dentures. One of the easiest ways to get full-arch implants is with an innovative procedure called an All-on-X.

With All-on-X implants, your dentist uses just a few implants (usually four or six) to secure a full arch of teeth in your jaw. It can be used in your upper jaw, lower jaw, or both. 

To see if this implant treatment is right for you, call Dr. William E. Hay at 270-818-8388 for a consultation in Paducah, KY. In the meantime, see some of the advantages of All-on-X implants vs dentures:

  • Teeth in One Visit – An All-on-X gives you the opportunity to get your implants and teeth in a single visit. Your dentist places your implants, then attaches an arch of teeth to them. You’ll wear these teeth while your implants heal. During this period, you can display a full smile and eat many foods. Once the implants have fully healed, you’ll return to our office for a more permanent arch of teeth that will give you full oral function.
  • Affordable Implant Option – Usually, at least eight dental implants are used to anchor full dental implant dentures. With the All-on-X, some implants are placed at an angle so fewer are used. This typically reduces your cost. Your dentist will give you a cost estimate in the planning stage of your treatment. 
  • Less Invasive – Using fewer implants also means the procedure is easier on your jaw. It will take less time to get your implants and less time for them to heal. 
  • Simple Maintenance – Oral hygiene changes with removable dentures. You’ll need a new cleaning routine with soaking and tablets. The teeth you receive with an All-on-4 stay fixed in place. You just brush and floss like you always have to clean your teeth clean. If any extra maintenance is needed, your dentist can remove your teeth and take care of it. 
  • Superior Function and Feel – Traditional dentures can move around in your mouth and feel loose. That won’t happen with All-on-X implants. Your new teeth are attached to implants, so they aren’t going anywhere. They stay firmly in place, with no adhesive needed. You’ll have chewing power nearly equal to what you had before losing teeth, so you can eat whatever you want. 
  • Younger Appearance – Once inserted into your jaw, dental implants function like tooth roots. They protect you from bone loss by stimulating your jaw. This keeps your face fuller and younger looking. With conventional dentures, your jaw shrinks over time. In addition to making you appear older, it will affect the fit of your dentures. You’ll need relining procedures to tighten the fit. 

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