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Get A Better Smile Fast

  • Enjoy your beautiful smile faster with Six Month Smiles
  • Get straight teeth by choosing the right treatment
  • Get the results you want with our orthodontic options

Achieve Perfect Alignment With Orthodontics in Paducah

Having straight teeth is about more than just an improved appearance. It’s about your oral health, too. When you straighten your teeth with Paducah orthodontics, harmful bacteria have fewer places to hide. As a result, you lessen your risk for tooth decay and gum disease. We have options that will:

  • Take months rather than years, unlike traditional braces
  • Blend in with your teeth, so no one notices them
  • Allow you to comfortably perform your day-to-day routines
  • Help you feel more confident about your smile
  • Make your smile look more appealing and healthy

Call 270-818-8388 for an apppointment. No insurance? We’re okay with that! Join our Membership Plan for savings on your treatment.

Spend Less Time Straightening Your Teeth With Our Advanced Solutions

If you are an adult pursuing orthodontics, you aren’t alone. Many of our patients never had the chance to receive orthodontics as a child. Or maybe you did, but you weren’t consistent about wearing your retainer. Whatever your reason for wanting your teeth straightened, we’re excited that you want to begin your journey with our team. Dr. Hay will begin by doing a complete exam of your mouth. He’ll determine which of our options are right for you.

We offer:

  • Six Month Smiles – This treatment uses advanced technology to straighten your teeth in as few as six months. You can choose clear aligners or clear braces, depending on the extent of your alignment concerns. You’ll love completing your treatment in less time than traditional methods!
  • Clear Aligners – We can also recommend more traditional clear aligners that straighten your teeth in about 12 to 18 months. You can easily remove them to brush your teeth, floss, or eat. Your dentist will determine if these aligners are more suitable for your needs.

Once your treatment is complete, you’ll receive a retainer that you’ll wear to maintain the outcome. You may also consider combining your treatment with other cosmetic solutions. Whitening your teeth is a fantastic way of topping off your orthodontic results.

Call 270-818-8388 for orthodontics in Paducah. You can also ​​schedule online.

Common Questions About Orthodontics
How effective are orthodontics?

Our orthodontic options are very effective for correcting a wide variety of orthodontic issues. We offer clear aligners and Six Month Smiles, either of which can straighten your teeth faster than traditional braces. Both methods will give you a straight and beautiful smile in months rather than two years or longer like braces take.

How much do orthodontics cost?

Each patient is different, with a unique set of wants and needs. It is not possible to give you an estimate on your orthodontic treatment until we’ve first performed an exam and worked up treatment options for you. Then we can make sure you have all the information you need, including cost, to decide on the orthodontic care that’s right for you.

Which type of orthodontics is best?

Choosing the right orthodontic treatment for you depends on the severity of your bite problems, the position of your teeth, and what you want to accomplish overall. You would also want to think about the sort of sacrifices or lifestyle changes you are or are not willing to accept because every orthodontic treatment will require certain adjustments to your diet, your oral hygiene regimen, and your appearance.