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Dental Emergencies

Call To Save Your Smile

  • Restore your healthy smile ASAP
  • Stop your pain & protect your smile fast
  • Feel better about your oral health

Relieve Your Discomfort by Seeing an Emergency Dentist in Paducah

If you are in need of urgent dental care, you want an experienced emergency dentist in Paducah. Dr. William E. Hay has treated countless dental emergencies throughout his 35 years. He can:

  • Stop an infection from harming nearby teeth
  • Restore the function and health of your smile
  • Give you a sense of peace about your oral health’s condition
  • Allow you to return to your life without dental pain
  • Treat you after hours or on weekends if you’re an existing patient

Call 270-818-8388 to get help ASAP. No insurance? No worries! Join our Membership Plan to save on your emergency exam and preventive services.

We’ll Give You Back Your Healthy Smile Again

When you visit Dr. Hay for your dental emergency, his priority is to stop your dental pain. He’ll use digital X-rays and intraoral cameras to identify the problem. You can also expect the latest technology to streamline your appointment. We use a CEREC machine to make crowns in a single visit and laser technology for comfortable gum disease treatments.

To handle your emergency, your dentist may recommend treatments, such as:

  • Tooth Fillings – A cavity can often cause dental discomfort. We’ll use a composite material to restore your tooth’s health.
  • Dental Crowns – If you have dental damage or a large cavity, a crown can revive your smile. We may place partial crowns if it’s possible to retain more of your natural tooth structure.
  • Dental Bridge – If you knock out a tooth, we can place a dental bridge. Your bridge can be secured to implants, if you prefer. This eliminates the need to put crowns on nearby healthy teeth.
  • Gum Disease Treatment – If you have a gum infection, Dr. Hay will perform gum disease treatment. This may include deep cleanings, laser treatments, or antibiotics.
  • Tooth Extraction Sometimes a tooth removal is necessary to save other healthy teeth. We’ll move forward with replacement options once your mouth has healed.

Call 270-818-8388 to meet with your emergency dentist in Paducah. We’ll see you on the same day whenever possible! For non-emergencies, you can also ​​schedule online.

Common Questions About Dental Emergencies
Can you help with my dental emergency?

Yes, we certainly can! Call us now for any dental emergencies, and we will get you into the office as soon as possible. We’ll get you the fast help you need to feel better soon and save your smile. In many cases, this means we’ll see you the same day.

What can you do for my dental emergency?

When you come in for a dental emergency, we’ll first assess your condition to determine the next steps. Depending on your situation, we will recommend particular services to restore your smile. They may include a tooth-colored filling to repair dental decay, a dental crown to strengthen a damaged tooth, a root canal to repair an infected tooth, or a tooth extraction if we’re not able to save your tooth.

What are some common dental emergencies?

Common dental emergencies include toothaches caused by cavities or infection, cracked or broken teeth, and broken dental restorations. With our team’s years in practice, we have significant experience in handling all these situations. We will relieve your discomfort and restore your mouth to health with restorative treatments.