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Why is the White Diet Important After Teeth Whitening?

When you notice that your teeth aren't as white as they used to be, you may get them whitened by a professional. This process is often quick and helps to give you that self-confidence back. To keep your teeth nice and white, you'll want to follow the White Diet after your teeth whitening session.

What is the White Diet?

After professional teeth whitening, your teeth will become overexposed to foods and drinks. This is due to the fact that your teeth's dentin layer becomes more porous. If you consume any dark-colored foods or ones that are acidic, your teeth will be able to absorb them. This can make them become discolored.

The White Diet is perfect for avoiding any sort of foods and drinks that have unwanted pigments and dyes. It cuts out anything that can discolor your whitened teeth. As its name suggests, the only foods that you want to consume are those that are white in color. This includes bread, pasta, rice, fish, chicken, white cheese, yogurt, and water.

How Long Do You Need to Be On the White Diet?

Most dental professionals suggest staying on the White Diet for at least 48 hours. This will give the dentin layer on your teeth more time to heal and harden.

What Foods Should You Avoid After Teeth Whitening?

In short, you want to avoid foods that have natural pigments or artificial dyes. Some common examples of these beverages include wine, tea, coffee, and soda. Many people don't know that even white wine can be harmful to your teeth and break down their enamel. Some common foods that you want to avoid eating include dark fruits, chocolate, and candy. You don't have to avoid these foods and drinks forever. You only need to follow this for at least 48 hours after your teeth whitening procedure. This is to ensure long-lasting results.

Besides avoiding certain foods and drinks, there are other ways to keep your teeth whiter. First, you don't want to smoke. Nicotine is well-known to cause yellowing. That goes for chewing tobacco and e-cigarettes as well. Plus, you'll want to see your dentist for bi-annual cleanings and checkups.

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